Welcome to the best social paintball field in the Western Cape.

Are you brave enough to Feel the Fun, Soldier!

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NEW Festive Season Deals

Standard Package R140 for 100 balls

Value Package R160 for 200 balls

**SPECIAL** R190 for 300 balls

R50 for R100 extra balls

All packages include:

  • Gun
  • Gas
  • Mask
  • “Please bring your own suitable protective clothing”
* The organizer gets 100 balls FREE

This is why our clients love our venue:

- Absolutely fantastic terrain
- Massive playing area with lots of cover behind rocks and big trees minimizes close up shots
- Huge trees provide shade during hot days
- Tick and thorn free (yes tick,like in nasty bug!)


- We play a variety of game formats and up to 6 games on the value package!
- Our paintballs have specially been selected for social games to increase the fun experience
- Our Marshalls are actively involved in the game to let it flow and to manage safety

- Stunning setting amongst the mountains and nature reserve forest
- Relax at the picnic tables under the pine trees
- Bring your own refreshments
Pre-order food parcels consisting of a boerewors roll, 500ml cold drink, packet of chips and a chocolate
Braai at the Jonkershoek Restaurant at the entrance of the nature reserve, Stellenbosch picnic terrain, Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve.

Plan one of the following Operations

Ops Birthday Party

Ops Bachelor Hunt

Ops Team Build/Year End
Ops Fun Time

Ops Mobile
We GUARANTEE a great experience or your money back!

Contact our reconnaissance unit for more intel.

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